• Technology The Force for Diabetes prevention and chaos
  • Diabetes & Technology
  • Insulin Action / Molecular Metabolism
  • Latest Technology Updates and Diabetes Management
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour Change
  • Diabetes & Pregnancy
  • Integrated Physiology/Obesity
  • Gastrointestinal Hormones & Metabolism
  • Type 1 Diabetes - Adjunctive Interventions
  • Applying Health Literacy to Everyday Diabetes Care
  • Pharmacy-CDE collaboration - From Medication Intervention to Diabetes Prevention
  • Wound Detectives: Understanding foot-ulcers in diabetes using high-fidelity simulation
  • Masterclass: Integrating oral health in routine diabetes care: opportunities and challenges
  • Nutrition - Navigating the Practicalities of Low Carb
  • Empower people with diabetes by using the Guided-Self Determination method
  • Novel approaches to understand diabetes and its complications
  • Inpatient Diabetes Management
  • Improving governance, health system organization, multi-lateral collaboration and knowledge exchange to reduce the global, regional, national or local impact of NCDs
  • Reducing inequalities in the prevalence, risk factors and conditions, diagnosis,treatment, rehabilitation or management of NCDs across socio-economic status,cultures, races, geographic regions, genders, sexual identities, abilities and special needs.
  • Understanding the determinants, or efforts to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat or manage NCDs that may change across the human lifespan.


  • Technologies that are leading healthcare innovation globally
  • Emerging trends in Diagnostics Profit center in a hospital Trends, Challenges , Opportunities and role of Technology
  • How can hospitals growth their addressable geographies using Technology (like telemedicine, IOT etc.)
  • What the major challenges in Healthcare Supply Chain and the available technology solutions to fix that?
  • What are the challenges faced by Pharma Companies in adopting new technologies and recommendations on the same?


  • Future Of Wellness - Trends, Technology & Innovations
  • Integrating Mental Health Services in Primary Care & Its Impact on Chronic Lifestyle Disorders
  • Integrative Medicine & its Role in Sustainable Equity & Access to Healthcare - Understanding Outcomes based on Disparities
  • Supporting Local and Independent Wellness Businesses in the Global Marketplace
  • Addressing Burnout and Stress Management to Enhance People Wellbeing & Growth
  • Addressing Diversity & Inclusion In Wellness Services
  • Addressing Burnout and Stress Management to Enhance People Wellbeing & Growth
  • Addressing Diversity & Inclusion In Wellness Services