WORLD DIABETES & WELLNESS FORUM is a platform showcasing India as the leading country in prevention, care and cure of Diabetes through dissemination of latest science, new learnings, and further use to technology globally in the healthcare industry. In our endeavour to make India the flag bearer in preventing this upcoming global epidemic, we will be hosting World Diabetes Forum, which be a communicative, consultative and a commercial platform for the cause of diabetes, impact on NCDs, wellbeing and HealthTech innovations.

Diabetes is the second largest killer globally, and India being an extremely big diabetic market, Diabetes is a major public health problem that is approaching epidemic proportions globally. Worldwide, the prevalence of chronic, noncommunicable diseases is increasing at an alarming rate. About 18 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease, for which diabetes and hypertension are major predisposing factors. Today, more than 1.7 billion adults worldwide are overweight, and 312 million of them are obese. In addition, at least 155 million children worldwide are overweight or obese. A diabetes epidemic is underway. India is home to 2nd highest number of people with diabetes with a current figure of 74 million, second only to China. Two major concerns are that much of this increase in Diabetes will occur in developing countries and that there is a growing incidence of Type 2 Diabetes at a younger age including some obese children even before puberty. In developed countries, most people with diabetes are above the age of retirement. In developing countries, those most frequently affected are in the middle, productive years of their lives, aged between 35 and 64.

The forum would give a concrete platform for growth and awareness through social impact practices and initiatives, which will lead to mass movement and raising consciousness amongst people globally on how to lead a part of wellbeing through preventive health.

WORLD DIABETES & WELLNESS FORUM ® is pleased to announce its first edition of WORLD DIABETES & WELLNESS FORUM 2023 - WDWF2023® scheduled on 13th-14th October 2023, New Delhi, India. The theme of this year’s edition is ‘’One World One Health’’

This will not just be an event, but it will be a forum leading to a movement for mass upliftment of health care through wellness and will be focusing on preventive health and lifestyle correction.

The organising committee along with the key opinion leaders in the healthcare industry will guide and help us in creating the content structure and connect across the ministry and the G20 team in India and globally.

WDWF 2023 shall provide a platform to spread awareness in India and globally through planning a year round calendar of events and activities to bring together the key healthcare leaders, pharmaceutical industry, stakeholders and experts in the field of diabetes and provide most updated knowledge in India and Globally.

With this initiative, it will give India to lead a global forum that shall lead and initiate various activities around the year in collaboration with corporate’, pharma houses, hospitals and healthcare entities to generate participation, mass awareness and lead to a conclusive root of curative and preventive.

The forum shall benefit by providing a platform to healthcare industry manufacturers though the export of medical infrastructure, medical instruments and devices across the world, and extend financial benefits and participations from global organisations though various commercial propositions and sponsorship/partner opportunities by organising multiple events, product launches, workshops and continuous medical educational programs.

The forum shall have presence and participation of young professionals, medical officers, healthcare professionals, leading pharmaceutical manufacturers by creating a complete ecosystem.


October 13th - 14th, 2023


New Delhi


50 +


1000 +

Keynote Addresses


Panel Discussions

16 +

Participating Countries

20 +

Supporting Partners

100 +



Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Pragati Maidan is a venue for large exhibitions and conventions in New Delhi. It has an area of nearly 150 acres (more than 625,000m2) of exhibition space, being among the biggest exhibition centers in India’. It is owned, operated, controlled and managed by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the trade promotion agency of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India.

Program & Advisory Committee

Dr. B.M. Makkar Scientific Chairman
img Dr. B.M. Makkar President, RSSDI Member G20 Health
Dr. Nandakumar Jairam
img Dr. Nandakumar Jairam Advisor

Organising Committee

Sougat Chatterjee
img Sougat Chatterjee Co-Founder & MD, Abhay Ventures
Prasant Saha
img Prasant Saha Chairman,CIMGLOBAL
Dr. Shikha Dhawan
img Dr. Shikha Dhawan  Director Programs, SHARE INDIA
Vaidya Preeti Bhosle
img Vaidya Preeti Bhosle Senior Research Fellow,AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)
img MAYANK CHHATWAL Secretary - Trade Fair PHDCCI
Abhinav Jain
img Abhinav Jain Co-Founder & CEO, Almond AI
Apurv Modi
img Apurv Modi Co-Founder & MD, ATechnos
Sagareiika Sen
img Sagareiika Sen Founder & Director Whitespace Communications
Aman Kalra
img Aman Kalra Vice President, Almond AI
Guest Speaker
Dr. Monica S. Bhatia
img Dr. Monica S. Bhatia Director - CIMGlobal 

Healthtech & Innovation Committee

Saravanan Vivekanandan
img Saravanan Vivekanandan Co-Founder & CEO, IdeaRx Services
img Rajeev Srivastava Regional Head - Digital Health, Tata Communications

Wellness & Remote Care Committee

Rakesh Sarin
img Rakesh Sarin Founder & Chairman, WellM (Wellness Mandala)
Surupa Chakrabarti
img Surupa Chakrabarti Co Founder & Director, CareTechR Healthcare
  • 1000+
    100 +
    Renowned Speakers
  • 0 8
    Keynote Addresses
    16 +
    LIVE Panel Discussions
    20 +
    Participating Countries
    100 +
    Supporting Partners
  • 1000+
    100 +
    Renowned Speakers
  • 0 8
    Keynote Addresses
    16 +
    LIVE Panel Discussions
    20 +
    Participating Countries
    100 +
    Supporting Partners
  • 1000+
    100 +
    Renowned Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Hon'ble Piyush Goyal

Minister of Commerce and Industry
Govt. of India

img Hon'ble Piyush Goyal Minister of Commerce and Industry
Govt. of India
Hon'ble Dr. Jitendra Singh

Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology
Govt. of India

Hon'ble Dr. Jitendra Singh Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology
Govt. of India
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art of Living

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Founder
The Art of Living
Dr. Naresh Trehan

Chairman & Managing Director
Medanta Heart Institute

img Dr. Naresh Trehan Chairman & Managing Director
Medanta Heart Institute
Dr. Mukesh Batra

Founder Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Batra's Group of Companies

img Dr. Mukesh Batra Founder Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Batra's Group of Companies


  • Technology The Force for Diabetes prevention and chaos
  • 90-90-90 : How to achieve 90% awareness , screening and management to reduce the burden of diabetes in India
  • Diabetes & Technology
  • Insulin Action / Molecular Metabolism
  • Latest Technology Updates and Diabetes Management
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Behaviour Change
  • Diabetes & Pregnancy
  • Integrated Physiology/Obesity
  • Gastrointestinal Hormones & Metabolism
  • Type 1 Diabetes - Adjunctive Interventions
  • Applying Health Literacy to Everyday Diabetes Care
  • Pharmacy-CDE collaboration - From Medication Intervention to Diabetes Prevention
  • Wound Detectives: Understanding foot-ulcers in diabetes using high-fidelity simulation
  • Masterclass: Integrating oral health in routine diabetes care: opportunities and challenges
  • Nutrition - Navigating the Practicalities of Low Carb
  • Empower people with diabetes by using the Guided-Self Determination method
  • Novel approaches to understand diabetes and its complications
  • Inpatient Diabetes Management
  • Improving governance, health system organization, multi-lateral collaboration and knowledge exchange to reduce the global, regional, national or local impact of NCDs
  • Reducing inequalities in the prevalence, risk factors and conditions, diagnosis,treatment, rehabilitation or management of NCDs across socio-economic status,cultures, races, geographic regions, genders, sexual identities, abilities and special needs.
  • Understanding the determinants, or efforts to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat or manage NCDs that may change across the human lifespan.


  • Technologies that are leading healthcare innovation globally
  • Emerging trends in Diagnostics Profit center in a hospital Trends, Challenges , Opportunities and role of Technology
  • How can hospitals growth their addressable geographies using Technology (like telemedicine, IOT etc.)
  • What the major challenges in Healthcare Supply Chain and the available technology solutions to fix that?
  • What are the challenges faced by Pharma Companies in adopting new technologies and recommendations on the same?


  • Future Of Wellness - Trends, Technology & Innovations
  • Integrating Mental Health Services in Primary Care & Its Impact on Chronic Lifestyle Disorders
  • Integrative Medicine & its Role in Sustainable Equity & Access to Healthcare - Understanding Outcomes based on Disparities
  • Supporting Local and Independent Wellness Businesses in the Global Marketplace
  • Addressing Burnout and Stress Management to Enhance People Wellbeing & Growth
  • Addressing Diversity & Inclusion In Wellness Services
  • Are RPM & Virtual Hospitals the future of healthcare?
  • What are the issues one may face regarding safety, compliance, and ethics in RPM?
  • How will RPM enhance patient outcome & ensure value-based practice?
  • Leveraging Remote Care with the help of iomT and POC devices will be a gamechanger in the near future.
  • Integrated Healthcare: Role of Pharmacy, diagnostic services, Nursing and ambulatory care in RPM

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